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At Cerebral Staffing, we’re not just a bridge to your next job, we’re partners in your career journey. Joining our network opens doors to unparalleled opportunities, connecting you with leading companies and a world of exciting prospects.



Why Choose Cerebral Staffing for Your Career Journey

Access to Premier Opportunities: Joining Cerebral Staffing means you’re stepping into a world of top-tier job openings across various industries. We open doors to exclusive opportunities that are often not available on the public job market.

Personalized Career Guidance: Our recruiters go beyond the role of job finders; they act as your career mentors. They deeply understand your career aspirations, skills, and preferences to connect you with roles that genuinely align with your long-term goals.

Comprehensive Support System: We provide comprehensive support at every stage, from refining your resume to acing your interviews. Our support extends beyond just job placement; we are here to guide you throughout your career journey.

Rewarding Referral Program: With our referral program, you can leverage your network for mutual benefit. Refer your peers or companies and earn rewards while helping others to advance their careers.

Building Lasting Relationships: We’re not just about making placements; we’re about building relationships. We take the time to get to know you as an individual and a professional, which helps us find roles that are more than just a job—they’re stepping stones in your career.

Comprehensive Benefits: We understand the importance of a complete benefits package. Our candidates enjoy competitive benefits, including health insurance and retirement savings plans, offering you peace of mind as you progress in your career.

Making Job Search Easier: Our streamlined process includes using our state-of-the-art Job Search Portal, making your job search more efficient and less stressful. Our expert recruiters work tirelessly to align you with the right opportunities, simplifying your path to a successful career.

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Authentic Google Reviews from Our Clients and Candidates
  • Jen was great! I sent in an application and within days I had an interview scheduled. Super quick responses! Jen took the time to contact me while she was on... read more

    meg Avatar meg

    Kristina Kirkwood my recruiter was extremely helpful walking me through all of the processes of my getting this job. She was very knowledgeable and made me comfortable though the... read more

    Dianna Joiner Avatar Dianna Joiner

    Had a great experience with this team, namely Jen and Lisa! Jen was super prompt and so helpful through the whole process for me, I hope to work with them... read more

    Hannah Thomsen Avatar Hannah Thomsen

    Jen is an asset to this company. It was a pleasure to work with her on a career opportunity.

    Shelly DeCrane Avatar Shelly DeCrane
  • Kristina Kirkwood was absolutely amazing! She worked with me every step of the way through the hiring process and made sure that everything went smoothly. She is super polite and... read more

    ashley manley Avatar ashley manley

    First, I want to start off by saying Jen, the recruiter I worked with, is absolutely amazing and I cannot sing enough praises for her. She was helpful, communicative, and... read more

    Jean Clark Avatar Jean Clark

    Amazing experience. Jen was great and communicated frequently. I ended up getting a direct position but this was a “Top 3” experience for working with a recruiter and I have... read more

    Michael Steffen Avatar Michael Steffen

    This company is truly amazing! While I was looking for a new job, I was contacted by, recruiter Crystal Vander Werff at Cerebral Staffing. Right away, I was very impressed... read more

    Shaun McMorris Avatar Shaun McMorris
  • I was blessed to have Jennifer at Cerebral Staffing to review my resume. She helped me to land a position at a great company in healthcare industry. Thank... read more

    Jacinta Noblin-Williams Avatar Jacinta Noblin-Williams

    I live out of Missouri and Jennifer Downe went above and beyond for me. She's friendly and very informative! I highly recommend this company and I have to the individuals... read more

    Brittné Miller Avatar Brittné Miller

    Jen was such a great help throughout my Hite on process. She really made me feel like I was being taken care of and made everything super easy. Thank-you!

    Rolando Pocasangre Avatar Rolando Pocasangre

    11/10 I cannot recommend enough! Jen made a perfect match and helped me along every step of the way. She’s like my guardian angel, checking in to make sure everything... read more

    Kyla Avatar Kyla
  • I have nothing but great things to say about this company! Jen was amazing!!

    Brianna Bienemann Avatar Brianna Bienemann

    Cerebral Staffing was very professional in helping me through the process of getting the interview and ultimately getting the job! Jennifer was awesome always responding to my questions in a... read more

    Crag Mac Avatar Crag Mac

    I had the opportunity to work with Zoanett Kaicora (Zoey)! She was an amazing help throughout the entire process and right from the beginning, became a friend that I could... read more

    Angela Bifano Avatar Angela Bifano

    I had a very enjoyable experience with Cerebral. They assisted me through the entire interview and job hunting process and were nothing but helpful the entire time. If... read more

    Derek Gillman Avatar Derek Gillman
  • I can't say enough about Jen from Cerebral Staffing! She was professional, helpful, encouraging & extremely responsive every step of the way. She made the process easy from start to... read more

    Kelsi Young Avatar Kelsi Young

    First and foremost allow me to thank the Cerebral Staffing family for a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m sure will change my life forever, thank you! Now more... read more

    Mario Farias Avatar Mario Farias

    In the past, I had never wanted to work for an employment agency. I had always wanted to be directly hired by an employer. Then came along... read more

    BethPatton1 Avatar BethPatton1

    Great experience! Jen worked with me and I loved everything! Her patience, always updating me on everything. And if they don't hear back from a place your resume was... read more

    Johanna Luna Avatar Johanna Luna